About us  

About us

Jiahe Non-Woven

Suzhou Jiahe Non-Woven Products Co., Ltd. was established in 2 0 0 2, We are specialized in developing oil and chemical leaking pollution proofing and controlling material as well as spilling oil controlling.

We have various production lines specialized in oil absorbent material and yearly productions are up to 3,000 ton. We have obvious advantages of brand technology and cost control in oil and chemical absorbing field.

Furthermore, our branch company Suzhou Haibao Environmental Technology Company Limited has several advanced production lines specialized in crank out with one time welding P V C boom and rubber boom manufacturing and the yearly production can reach 200,000 meters.

Besides, we also do sourcing service for our clients. We present different customers in the different product category and help to source competitive products from China or even help customer on the product development for new concept/design to be made in China. We have had good experience on the product development project over the past years working with several major customer and had great success in launching the new products for those customers.

Basic Sourcing Services include:

· Sourcing & Developing

· Shipment Inspection

· Logistic Handle

· Business Management

So our mission here is to offer innovative & quality products to the world market, make effective consolidation & Just timing delivery, and have more people enjoy innovative services. We are always on the way to be more Professional!