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oil pollution

Petroleum pollution refers to the pollution caused by oil leakage and discharge in the process of oil exploitation, transportation, loading and unloading, processing and use, which mainly occurs in the ocean. Oil floats on the sea and diffuses rapidly to form oil film, which can be migrated and transformed by diffusion, evaporation, dissolution, emulsification, photodegradation, biodegradation and absorption. Oil can be attached to the gills of fish, suffocating fish, inhibiting spawning and hatching of aquatic birds, destroying the impermeability of their feathers, and reducing the quality of aquatic products. Oil film formation can hinder the reoxygenation of water, affect the growth of marine plankton, destroy the balance of marine ecosystem, and also destroy the coastal scenery, affecting the aesthetic value of the coast. In the prevention and control of oil pollution, besides controlling pollution sources and preventing accidents, it can be dealt with by fencing, absorbing materials and degreasing agents.