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Diversification Strategy Helps Shanghai Textile to Advanced

At the just concluded 2011 Shanghai Auto Show, the most advanced models from major global auto companies attracted the attention of visitors. In recent years, the continuous transformation and upgrading of Shanghai textiles and automobiles have also formed an "indissoluble bond". Nearly half of the textile materials used in domestic automobiles come from "Shanghai textiles".

According to reports, during the Eleventh Five-Year Plan period, about 40% of the tens of millions of passenger and commercial vehicles put into operation in China are car carpets, 40% seat belts and 30% of the top fabrics of automobiles, which are manufactured by "Shanghai Textile", covering high-end car brands of Germany, the United States and Japan.

The reporter learned from the investigation of Shanghai CPPCC on "upgrading the energy level of traditional industries and promoting the optimization of Shanghai's industrial structure" that during the 11th Five-Year Plan period, Shanghai successfully implemented the strategy of high-end and diversification of textile decoration products. By investing in shares and cooperating with famous international automobile manufacturers, 11 automobile interior textile enterprises were built and successfully integrated into the automobile industry. Industrial chain.

In addition to the automotive industry, functional textiles developed with high-tech also show great promise in the fields of aerospace, disaster prevention and rescue. A large number of key varieties of industrial textiles are provided by Shanghai textiles. Rescue stormboats and rescue helicopters are also widely used in disaster prevention and relief fields.

In the field of architecture, new membrane structural materials have participated in a new round of urban construction. One third of the membrane structure materials of Beijing Olympic Games venues are made of Shanghai textile. There are also a large number of Shanghai textile products in the construction of Expo venues. In addition, Shanghai Textile also provided more than 200 square meters of oil fence for the rescue of the Gulf of Mexico accident.

Moreover, Shanghai textile industry has always been based on high-end textiles and has great market prospects. In 2006, 129 million yuan was invested to build the first professional production line of PSF in the world, which filled the gap of high temperature resistant materials in China. The protective and filter fabrics based on PSF were developed. The flame retardant and antistatic fabrics have successfully entered the European professional tooling market.